About me

I have been academic since 1995, teaching photography and graphic design courses for undergraduates, with good experience in structuring and developing design curriculum throughout incorporating my practical experience in the industry of Advertising and visual communication.

The blend of my professional experience as a graphic designer, commercial photographer or consultant for several advertising agencies and firms as part-time or free lancer; practical knowledge of print production process and follow-up; excellent command of graphic software packages; fluency in both Arabic and English languages in addition to my academic studies and readings about human psychology, semiotics, communication and marketing; enables me not only to produce professional photographs with strong visual impact, or quickly develop concepts and create designs that communicates successfully, but also to come up with  innovative communication approaches or promoting ideas.

I’m very initiative, stead and dedicated with great passion of photography, I enjoy working in fast dynamic work environments; with good ability to partake or lead work-groups; use idea generation and visual design development techniques, meanwhile follow briefs and marketing guidelines in order to establish unique corporate visual identity.