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Teaching design and visual communication is not an easy task as it requires a tremendous amount of time, teaching theories, creating good practical assignments and close follow up guiding the students and refining their creative concepts.It involves training students how to; invest, develop and manage their creativity through a number of techniques. The goal of teaching design and visual communication is to teach students how to think critically and learn from their tools and colleagues.

I enjoy teaching graphic design and visual communication as I have always had a deep interest in the industry of Advertising, public information and visual communication process. My interest in the field led me to design, photograph and consult as a free-lancer for a number of advertising firms and agencies.

I have been an academic since 1995, teaching a number of introductory and advanced courses including Graphic Design Studies, Introduction to Typography, Computer for Design, Photography, Creative Strategy and others. These classes sometimes included more than 25 students. I have also successfully coordinated several courses, with hundreds of students and several instructors; by structuring the course outline, preparing presentations, and supplying materials to all lecturers to ensure both content and form consistency.

My teaching responsibilities have extended beyond the classroom: as an academic advisor I would guide and advising numerous undergraduates, I’ve also happily volunteered to support and guide a number of my graduate students through their MA studies. I take pride in my teaching and have enough experience to know what works in the classroom, and I strive to be efficient at my teaching duties outside the classroom. I have always earned my students respect through my wide practical knowledge of the field of design and public communication, my respect of their abilities and needs with patience, humor, and tolerance in addition treating each of them in a fair way.

My active enthusiastic attitude in addition to my practical expertise and readings about human psychology, semiotics, symbolism, in addition to my professional knowledge of print production process and excellent command of computer graphic software packages, has always enabled my superiors to assign me confidently to numerous administrative and public information tasks related to enhancing the institution identity as a committee member or team leader (e.g. head of quality assurance awareness committee (2010-2012), member of design program development committee (2011-2013), member of the media committee “Colleges of Applied Sciences Students Forum 2010”…).

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