Courses I Taught

Graphic Design Studies 1

A studio-based course where students: examine the power of form to carry meaning and familiarize them with the semiotics of different design elements; get familiarized with the constraints of a brief and the experience to design through an extensive visual research base; familiarize them with corporate identity structure, and the process of creating, and developing an integrated memorable signature; familiarize students to basic knowledge about printing techniques and materials.The course is in two parts. In part A students experience the task of abstracting complex ideas as a single, powerful mark on paper. In part B students examine different structural modes of organization as a way of exploring the representation and expression of visual content.

Graphic Design Studies 2

A studio-based course where students consolidate their design processes throughout the two parts of the course; part A concentrates on following a typical design brief, to construct an identity (logo or logotype) for a certain organization, and 2 promotional artifacts (a poster and TV commercial storyboard); part B consolidates the processes via a printed publication layout exercise and well finished folio that includes all the student’s work.

Creative Strategy

A practice based course where students are introduced to the theory of advertising creative principles and practice through: exploring the creative challenges; developing the strategy for an advertising campaign; knowing how to meet client objectives and how to prepare creative briefs for a range of media. Students are also directed to increase their cultural literacy through research.

Integrated Marketing Principles

An in-depth study of the principles of marketing, providing the students with information on a wide range of topics with a view to explaining their own role in the marketing process. The course focus is on giving students detailed information on current marketing theory.


An introductory course offering students the basic photographic skills to work competently, taking a key approach of learning through digital experimental practices. Optical, technological theories and conceptual theories will be explored and analyzed through the taking and making of photographic images. The course supports students in their use of the medium of photography in independent research and practice, and to make connections with the other media of graphic design practice, and prepare students for the more advanced study of creative and conceptual oriented photographic practice.

Photographic Studies

A practical and research-based course focusing on applying advanced digital photographic techniques and critical evaluating skills to develop a self directed photographic research project. The course supports the students to develop and resolve an advanced creative and conceptually-oriented project. Students are encouraged to research areas of theory and practice that are appropriate and relevant to their chosen content of photographic work, and to work competently towards achieving the graphic communication industry standards.

Introduction to Typography

A studio-based course where students examine typography in both visual and semantic values; its vocabulary of parts; limitations of necessity and potential for expression. Students work with letter-forms to learn about type anatomy; with words to learn about typographic form and structure; and with sentences to learn about typographic conventions and compositional strategies. Student will also acquire the correct terminology to discuss and critically analyze typographic work, as well understanding the importance of typography as a graphic element that adds more value to design in different fields in addition to its verbal and communicative value.