Design and Visual communication have become a fundamental human activity due to the complexity of societies, changes of the human behavior, economic and industrial development and the communication revolution that targeted billions of people around the globe. Since my early years of graphic design education, I realized the great impact of visual communication in motivating and directing humans of different races, cultures and environments.

During my postgraduate studies in both my MA and PhD; I focused on the intellectual aspects of visual communication including communication strategies and marketing approaches, and studied its impact on human psychology and behavior when incorporated with creative visual design.

I have been continuously involved in the industry of Advertisement and visual public information. At present I have several major points that I’m in the process of working on as research topics briefed as following:

– Applied researches related to the Research and development of industry and services through (cooperation with Industry Innovation Center in Oman).

Topics of my interest that I plan to work on in the future are as follows:

– The development of visual communication and promotional tools to fit with the rapid development of communication and entertainment technologies.

– Subliminal impact of visual designs the non-verbal language that overcomes verbal language barriers within different societies.

– The criteria and visual structure of international non-profit services campaigns that positively affect different communities with different cultures such as anti terrorism campaigns, conserving the environment campaigns…etc.).

– The impact of the common open sources materials on the internet (e.g. vector elements, brushes, clipart…) on the designers’ identity and personal touch. Does this have an impact on different cultures and taste? (Comparison between 2 different cultural environments).