Students’ Outcome Samples

Samples of my students’ outcomes throughout Graphic Design and Photography courses.

Samples (A)

Graphic Design courses; a studio-based classes that introduces and elevates students’ understanding and practice in graphic design profession.

In Graphic Design Studies classes I aim to achieve the following objectives; introduce students to form making and meaning; create design solutions based on extensive visual research; use visual elements in appropriate response to design challenges; create design solutions through a wide range of creative trials; train the students to analyze and criticize designs in order to create and develop ideas and concepts through classroom presentations and discussions; understand the constraints of a brief and design accordingly; create and manipulate text and images to suit specific design contexts; shift students thinking towards self and lifelong learning; and finally crafting design as a visual communication tool with care and attention to details.

Samples (B)

Photography courses; the classes takes a key approach of learning through digital experimental practices of photography; through the taking, making and editing of photographic images. Optical, technological theories, and conceptual approaches are explored and analysed.

In Photography classes, I aim to provide students with experience of photography using digital cameras through experimental practice; familiarize them with the industry related digital workflow of photography; direct them through linking practice and theory of photography and applying critical analyzing skills to their practice to develop and resolve advanced creative and/or conceptually oriented projects; and encourage students to work competently towards the standards of graphic communication industry.

Note: Lingual and grammatical mistakes within the artwork samples and/or project documentations are pointed out through the periodical progress reports given to the students as a performance feedback, directing them to be more conscious and rigorous through their future outcomes.